Vitamin E Oil An unmatchable approach to tackle skin & face issues. Vitamin E Oil makes you look younger, cures facial acne & psoriasis, helps the immune system, and prevents skin cancer. Brahmi Booti Oil Brahmi Booti as an old Indian proved remedy that contains 41 herbs is used to strengthen hair follicles & stop hair fall. These amazing herbs help treat the dryness hence you get strong hair. Black Seed Oil Black Seed or Kalonji Oil with countless benefits is presented by Rigel Oil. It maintains the cholesterol level, fights against obesity, helps asthmatic patients, & prevents hair fall mainly. Hemp Seed Oil Let’s avoid artificial sources and move over to natural remedies. Rigel Oil presents Black castor with hemp Seed Oil to address all hair & skin issues. This fantastic combination promotes hair growth, reduces dandruff, & soothes itchy scalps. Black Castor with Lemon Grass Oil Lemon Grass Oil as one of the leading essential oils minimizes blood, skin, and severe intestinal infections. Rigel Oil’s hygienically packed lemon grass oil also reduces cholesterol, stress, and anxiety. Sesame Oil Rigel Oil’s edible toasted Sesame oil is an excellent natural remedy for smooth running of cardiovascular & regulatory functions. It contains antioxidant & anti-cancer properties along with tremendous catching taste.

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Because we believe pure and natural products help
you stay beautiful today & tomorrow!

Rigel bestows with such nutritive products that make you healthy & beautiful.

Rigel is not just a name, it’s a brand, leading manufacturer of herbal products like herbal oil products, edible oils, hair oils, treatment oils aromatherapy oils as well as essential oils in UK. As a wholesale dealer of Herbal oil, we customize the essential oils explicitly extracted from herbs and plants to meet your needs accordingly. The experience and knowledge we have regarding the herbs and shrubs have been earned with the historical preparation of manufacturing herbal oil products.

Slide Rigel’s Promise Rigel, being the premium brand, is on the journey to explore the secrets of mother-nature to heal the human mind. We believe that nature has an absolute essence of giving therapy to the human mind as well as the body. Our team delivering the best quality work meets and exceeds the modern industry standards thoroughly. The International Organization of Standardization (ISO 9001, HACCP and HALAL Certified) further validates the importance we place on quality assurance. We manufacture our products according to International Standards and have undergone strict criteria of top quality.


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Our robust packaging makes us stand out:

Our products are enclosed in striking, impressive and sturdy packaging, to preserve it in such a fashion that the fragrance and aroma it imparts, remain shielded and insured. The oil bottles bounded with tiny boxes are a perfect fixture for massage, diffuse steam inhalation, topical inhalation, as well as for manufacturing cosmetics, hair care, gel candles, toiletries, and incenses, respectively.

Why Rigel Products?

  • Provide the purest, blended & unblended herbal oils to meet your desired satisfaction.
  • Each product we deliver is tested to verify whether it meets the standards.
  • With marvelous essential oil range and superlative customer care, Rigel has manifested itself to be your top preference.
  • We have ample range of profuse essential oil products to meet your needs genuinely.
  • The oils we dispatch contain components that help decreasing anxiety and regulating sleep.
  • With a 100% money-back guarantee, Rigel makes sure to satisfy you to the rear extent.
  • All the essential oils are provided at economical prices that do not overburden your pocket.
  • Our Aromatherapy Oils have proved to keep your physical & mental health boosted up.

Our aims and goals

Our aim is “Deliver Quality & make Customers satisfied” therefore we make sure to hand over such sensational products that could make our customers well-pleased! We, being the proven Oil company, are focused on providing authentic and veritable oils, on serving you, and becoming an innovative edge over others.
Our ultimate goal is to provide you with aromatic, herbal & essential oil products & to make sure to pack each bottle after passing out the correct set of hygiene.

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