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We offer 25% per sale.

If you are already in the field and have a knowhow of affiliate marketing, you will definitely be surprised by our packages and working strategy.

However, individuals who are new in this field and want to elevate their passive income and revenue and encourages affiliate marketing, we are here for you. Our experts help our new associates with the affiliate program

Let’s make an estimate

If you produce £500 sales per week of our oils. You are going to make

£500 × 25% = £125

Likewise, if you generate £1000 in sales per week of our oils. You can make

£1000 × 25% = £250


 What is the affiliate marketing & affiliation program?

In affiliate marketing, you as an affiliate get rewarded to market the products, services, and for each visit that you make an effort for. Likewise, an affiliation program is an opportunity created by a company providing profits to an individual affiliate or an associate company for sending sales towards the owner company.

Key points of our affiliate program

  • Our program encourages affiliate marketing
  • You can sign up for free
  • Generous commissions
  • You can earn 24/7
  • An unlimited amount of commission
  • No precondition about the minimum sales
  • We payout the qualified sales within the 25 days after the month in which the sales took place.
  • You can track your earnings
  • We provide authentic transactions

Our mission

Our proactive nature demands to make you a part of our organization. Rigel provides opportunities and encourages affiliate marketing to millions of individuals or organizations to grow better.

Why sign up with Rigel Oil for affiliate marketing?

Rigel (GNP) has been working efficiently for the well-being of the human throughout the globe. Halal, ISO, and HACCP certify the company.

Rigel deals with a vast range of oils. The rigel oil categories include aromatherapy oils, oils for topical applications, oils for direct inhalation, and steam diffused inhalation.

You need to sign up with the Rigel’s affiliate program and can rest assured about our quality of oils, packaging, and labels. We believe in customer satisfaction

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not, as we prefer the suitability of our affiliates. If you can do online marketing via your social media platform or your website, we welcome you. Likewise, manual marketing is accepted, as well.

Rigel has no restrictions on the commission that an affiliate can earning.

Clicking on the “Sign Up” button, you will be directed to a new page. On that page, you are supposed to enter the information required, such as your name, postal address, email address, contact no., etc.

The company holds a special team embodied to help the individuals regarding the affiliate program and affiliate marketing. You can call or catch us through live chat with the support team for any queries.

We work with PayPal, cheques, and credit cards. Moreover, our affiliates can choose any major global currency to be paid in.

Unfortunately, if any individual returns the order prior to the closing date of the month, then the commission will be canceled. However, if it happens after the off date, then we will pay you the commission.

We payout the qualified sales within the 25 days after the month in which the sales took place.

Yes, Rigel encourages affiliate marketing and has opened opportunities for everyone. However, Rigel being the authority can cancel the affiliation with any associate if the affiliate is not able to meet the company standards.