Frequently Asked Question (FAQ's)

Rigel Oil feels pleasure to comfort its website users and customers in every regard. Hence, this page’s viewing set comprises of the frequently asked questions by the customers. We anticipate that the answers to these questions will be satisfactory. If not, we welcome you to ask any queries. You can hold us through a call, live chat, or email.

Oils do get spoiled over time. The main reason behind this is the exposure to oxygen, CO2, light, and heat. These factors generate chemical reactions in oils. What you can do is you have to store them safely to avoid getting exposure to light and air.

To enhance the shelf life of oils, store them in a cool, dry, and dark place. Or you can say that the best storage places are closets. Make sure to seal the oil bottles tightly, or if possible, then decant the oils to smaller bottles after significant usage.

If you feel the oil is quite viscous, you can dilute it using other carrier oil, essential oil, or vegetable oil. But to do so, make sure to track that you are mixing the right type and proportion.

All oils belong to different plants and different classes, and every oil has its own purpose of serving. Visit the website, carefully read the description of that specific product you are looking for. And make sure if it is safe to take internally or not.

Yes, we provide a Ten (10) days money-back guarantee, but there are some constraints.

  • If what you ordered, you did not receive the same product.
  • If the product is defected and stained

The product should be unused and with the original packing

Rigel Herbal Oil Company resides in the UK and is the best herbal oil company in the UK. But our services can serve you worldwide.

Rigel Herbal Oil Company never compromises on the quality and delivers genuine products. Our reputation concerning meeting the standards has made us the top presence of customers all in the UK and worldwide as well.

Yes, Rigel Oil believes in providing its valuable customers with pocket-friendly items, whether it’s an, Essential oil, Edible oil, or any other oil, or a perfume, or utter.

Yes, we provide wholesale prices for bulk.

Yes, we provide special offers, sales, and seasonal offers. For our latest lucrative offers and product combos, stay tuned with our website and social media pages, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

After your order gets accepted, you will receive an email on your email address with which you registered with us. Likewise, you will get an automated SMS/ email after the dispatching of your order.

We provide direct shipment to your postal address. For UK residents: Orders over 5 pounds get free delivery. Whereas, for packages below 5 pounds, delivery depends on the payment method, i.e., 2 pounds for cash on delivery and 1 pound for Online/ Bank Transfer/ Prepay.

If you are looking for international shipment, keep in mind that they are constrained with taxes, and depend upon country and city. To have an estimate, select your desired product and checkout charges added according to your postal address.

If, during the online purchase, you are facing any problem, contact our customer support services, and we will assist you. However, if the system continuously declines the card, it is recommended to contact your credit card provider organization or bank.

Yes, there is. Typically, oils have a longer shelf life. However, the typical shelf life of the oil is three years. That’s why it is recommended to use them in a span of three years. Do toss them out if they get expired.

No, we do not provide medical assistance and personal health advice. Do consult your dermatologist, doctor, nearest healthcare center if you need any medical health.

We choose safe, secure, and traditional methods to extract the oils and avoid any chemical process. Our manufacturing experts maintain the originality and functionality of the oils.

You can use our Jojoba Oil, Rosemary Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Rosehip Oil, Lavender Oil, Lemon Oil, etc. But test the oil on a smaller area first to check the suitability.

We offer a vast range of oils, all in pure, blended, and unblended forms for our customers at affordable prices. We provide herbal oils that have been classified into further categories as edible oils, hair oils, skin oils, essential oils, and oils to treat a specific issue.

If you are going to search for a product on the website, there is a search box on the top right corner with a magnification icon. You can type the words in this search bar to get your desired search results.

Sure. Why not! We provide international deliveries. But they might somehow seem expensive because delivery and courier services vary for different countries.

By pressing on the “Buy Now” button popping on the products, the product will get added to your shopping cart.

Not necessarily. You can place orders via both websites and telephone calls. However, it is safer to have an account to place an order.

Across the UK, the estimated delivery time to be around 2 to 4 working days. In contrast, international deliveries may take about 3 to 7 working days.

We receive payments both via PayPal account and Credit Cards.

Look out for the “My Account” icon on the top right corner of the home and click on the Order Tracking option. First, place the order ID in the left box and click on the “Track” button.

First, check if the Internet connection speed is sufficient. If yes, as the Second option, check out the entered username, email address, or password in case you have entered the wrong. If, still you are facing problem in accessing your account. Then click on the “Lost your password” option. Write down the email address that you use in correspondence to the account (i.e., used when you register on the website). Via that email address, you will be provided with a new password.