Amla Gold Hair Oil


Amla Gold makes hair silky and long. Amla Gold Hair Oil cures split ends of hair. Smoothing and
softening of hair are Amla Gold Hair Oil benefits.

Almond oil for Hair

Almond hair oil contains mostly all the ingredients that are beneficial for the growth of hair. The ingredients in the almond hair oil are Omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamin E, and magnesium. Almond oil strengthens your hair and also good for nourishment. It is also essential for the common problem of hair loss and damaged hair. Almond hair oil adds silkiness and shine to your hair by just using a few drops. But make sure the oil is pure because most of the almond oil distributors use petroleum paraffin in the large proportion mixed with the almond oil and there are very few percentages of almond hair oil.

Amla gold

Amla Gold is formulated using extract of amla fruit standardized to both vitamin C (80% DV) and tannins. Amla Gold is manufactured in the industry-defining quality standards and is verified by independent third-party labs to meet identity, purity, and potency label claims.

Amla gold hair oil ingredients

The Amla Gold Hair Oil is formulated with three main ingredients: amla oil, henna and almond. Presumably it is almond oil which is used.
Amla gold hair oil products are noted for their effectiveness in improving smoothness, shine and luster of hair as well as reducing breakages and split ends with regular use. Henna, although primarily known for its use as a dye or hair color, is also a great herbal hair care remedy. Amla gold hair oil is a great moisturizer, not just for the hair but for your skin too.

Amla gold hair oil benefits

Amla gold is made of some purest forms of ingredients which are very beneficial for the hair. Amla gold hair oil is actually some necessary changes in the amla hair oil. Amla gold hair oil keeps your hair silky and long. Amla gold hair oil also strengthens your hair and is the best remedy for the scalp conditions. It also helps to give hair a glossy luxuriant look and also keep the hair from falling due to the extremities of weather too.

Amla gold hair oil reviews

Following are the customer reviews for Amla gold hair oil:

  • This oil is amazing, I have dry and frizzy hair. This oil does work but you have to give it time, after a while, you can see great results. I use this oil 4 a week.
  • So, I have used the Dabur Amla oil for a while now so grateful to have found this one the gold is scented with a more favorable smell! I swear by this if you want super soft luscious shiny hair! (who doesn’t?) I apply this with my conditioner I used half a cap full on the scalp the other half on my ends leave it one for 5 – 10 mins and rinse! This is my absolute must-have for hair!!
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